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In India, 80 percent of healthcare devices were imported from other countries and to reduce this import percentage Indian government is focusing on the indigenous production of high-end healthcare devices. In this regard, many academicians and MSME are developing many ideas and prototypes and failed in the last mile connectivity from the prototype to final product in market due to lack of infrastructure facilities and collaboration with clinicians and medical institutions.

Anna University’s diversity in the field of engineering and instrumentation places it definitely in an advantageous position of taking up high-end instrumentation development and apply it for product realization and commercialization of biomedical devices. The NHHID and Medical Electronics centres of the University along with other departments such as Production Technology, Manufacturing Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Instrumentation, Biotechnology, Medical Physics and Management Studies make a suitable combination to take medical instrumentation ideation to final prototype in a market.

The development of healthcare devices involves many stages like ideation, concept development, design and development of prototype, verification and clinical validation, regulatory approval, commercialization and post market surveillance.

NHHID, Anna University would facilitate all researchers, innovators to develop medical devices from initial ideation to final product in the market.

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