Value Propositions

Driving Force

The Why Factor!

Affordability of quality healthcare remains a distant dream in India. Lack of point of care devices and affordability of tests in the nook and corners of the country has been a major aspect of concern in the nation. One of the primary reasons for this unfortunate situation is the dependence of the Healthcare domain on imported devices. India imports more than 85% of medical devices and its accessories thus accounting for the soaring costs to a patient. With the scientific acumen available in the country, this can be readily reversed to bring about a true independence of India in healthcare and make the services more affordable to common man.


To make India Self-Reliant in the domain of healthcare instrumentation by bridging the gap between academic/individual innovations and small and medium enterprises in the industry and provide a platform for indigenous medical device development in the country.


To offer the services of NHHID as a national support facility for providing end to end solutions for R&D, testing, evaluation of clinician-driven indigenous health care devices, manufacturing support, technology innovation and knowledge dissemination.

To Provide Technical solutions in the medical devices sector by acting as the hub for a huge network of clinicians, scientists, engineers, technologists, Industries, Business Enterprises, NGOs and Government Agencies.

Our Aim

  • To serve as the R & D arm of small and medium enterprises and hospitals
  • To bridge the gap between prototype development and its commercialization after multicentric validation through its product realization facility
  • To offer testing and calibration facility for medical devices
  • To train manpower and educate medical and engineering professionals in the areas of biomedical engineering and instrumentation
  • Aids apex bodies like DST, NHSRC and BIRAC to identify commercially-viable ideas and projects on healthcare devices and providing necessary support
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