NHHID Hub Concept

HUB's Function

NHHID involved in launching a product from its early stages of idea generation

Much like the role of a hub in the functioning of a wheel, a hub in healthcare innovations like the NHHID serves to hold the spokes of the various players involved in launching a product from its early stages of idea generation

The hub aims to utilize the research expertise within the university and its network along with its industry engagement capabilities to create this specialist hub for healthcare instrumentation development. The hub assists companies and industries to readily tap into cutting-edge research from the academia, skill and expertise available while providing an exposure to researchers on industrial procedures and processes transforming them to a workforce that is industry ready.

The multifaceted roles of this specialist hub is to bridge:
  • Academic Research Organisations
  • Hospitals
  • Funding Agencies
  • Government Agencies
  • Assiciation and Organisations
  • Industry
Some of the key outcomes of NHHID include:
  • Human Resource Development – Training and Certification
  • Serving as an arm of the medical industries to conduct R & D – access to the university’s facilities and expertise.
  • Offering Consultancies
  • Mentoring Entrepreneurs and providing a platform for creating sustainable start ups
  • Networking and offering a complete ecosystem for sustainable business development
  • Guidance on securing funding from Government agencies and private venture capitalists.
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